Go Shinier with Mirapol® Surf-S P-free Power For Multi-In-One Automatic Dishwashing Tablets


What Consumer Needs Does It Answer?

  1. Shinier dishes with anti-spotting and anti-streaking properties
  2. Fast-drying due to water sheeting mechanism, and recommended for short cycles.
  3.  Easy-to-use with a rinse aid function for all-in-one tablets

“The story of Mirapol® Surf-S P free Power is linked to the ban of phosphate builders in dishwasher detergents. In a very short time, our customers needed to find a way to boost shine performance of detergents so that their consumers did not perceive the change. Mirapol® Surf-S P free Power came up like magic, and a few years after it is still the preferred solution for shiny dishes and multi-in-one dishwasher detergents”

David Grandeau, Business Development Manager, Home Care at Solvay

    Mirapol® Surf-S P Free Power, Shiny and Easy Cleaning Polymers

    Get shinier surfaces with anti-spotting and anti-streaking benefits with the use of our unique polymer technology, Mirapol® Surf-S P free Power.

    Our polymers adsorb on surfaces during the wash cycle and create a protective hydrophilic barrier. During the rinsing step, water forms a thin and uniform film to avoid spots and streaks. The barrier is resistant to soil and limescale redeposition on your dishes. Efficient on ceramic, glass and stainless steel surfaces!


    What Are The Main Attributes to Mirapol® Surf-S P Free Power?

    • Creates a protective hydrophilic barrier during the wash cycle to resist soil and limescale redeposition.
    • Water forms a thin and uniform film to avoid spots and streaks during the rinse cycle.
    • Brings rinse-aid function to your detergent
    • Works in citrate / MGDA or other builder-based formulations
    • Compatible with all-in-one formulations
    • Strong performance validated by recognized European agencies
    Main attributes to Mirapol® Surf-S P Free Power


    Discover all the versions of Mirapol® Surf for Automatic Dishwashing





    • Powder
    • Automatic dishwashing powder/tablet


    • Mirapol® Surf-S P Free NP
    • Powder
    • Automatic dishwashing powder/tablet
    • Preservative-free
    • Liquid
    • Automatic dishwashing liquid/ gel
    • Rinse aid


    • Mirapol® Surf-S 490 PF
    • Liquid
    • Automatic dishwashing liquid/ gel
    • Rinse aid
    • Preserved with phenoxyethanol
    • Mirapol® Surf-S 480 PF NP
    • Liquid
    • Automatic dishwashing liquid/ gel
    • Rinse aid
    • Preservative-free

    To meet the increasing concern of the market for safer products and for the environment, all the grades are now available biocide-free!


    Mirapol® Surf-S P Free Power - Shine & Easy Cleaning Polymers





    • Home Care
    • Cleaning agent
    • Soil agent
    • Protective agent
    • Water sheeting agent
    • All-in-one tablets
    • Improves water drainage
    • Avoid spots and streaks
    • Boost shine performance
    • Automatic dishwash
    • Powder dishwasher

    Not suitable for alkaline cleaners