Reduce your nitrogen loss with Solvay’s AgRHO® N Protect™ range for fertilizer stabilization

Nitrogen fertilizers suffer from volatilization above ground as well as leaching into ground water that leading to significant nitrogen loss.  

Nitrogen fertilizers require innovative formulations based on urease or nitrification inhibitors to increase yields. 

Nitrogen Loss Process - Solvay Fertilizer


Improved performance and sustainability over other nitrogen stabilizers

AgRHO®  N Protect™ is a unique range of urease and nitrification inhibitors (NBPT- or DCD-based*) solubilized in safe and green solvents that can increase a farmer’s yield by 2% to 15%, depending on crop, soil and weather. We protect farmer’s investment in fertilizer by reducing nitrogen loss.

Agrho N-protect key benefits  - Solvay Novecare - Fertilizer


Solvay’s AgRHO® N Protect™ range increases the farmer's return on investment.


Agrho N-protect Trials - Solvay


Our solutions are made with bio-based solvent with low eco tox profile:

  • Lowered harmful effects on the environment such air, soil and groundwater pollution (acidification, eutrophication, etc.)
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 37%
  • Standing ahead of the regulatory curve



  • Urea, UAN & CAN treatment