What is AgRHO® N50 Protect™?

AgRHO® N50 Protect™ is a revolutionary, patented urease inhibitor formulation that delivers a 50% load of NBPT (N-(n-butyl)thiophosphoric triamide) reducing ammonia volatilization once applied to urea based fertilizers in a non-toxic solvent formulation, whereas the benchmark in the market is having up to 30% NBPT concentration in the liquid. Thanks to this achievement our customers spend less, and consequently, save more money.

How can I contact Solvay sales representative?

Drop an email at info.nprotect@solvay.com and your Solvay representative will get back to you.

How can I try N Protect™?

Ask a sample at info.nprotect@solvay.com.

How to order the product?

Drop an email at info.nprotect@solvay.com and your Solvay representative will be pleased to take your order or to forward it to our local distributor.

What is the mode of action of the urease inhibitor NBPT?

On the soil, above ground, urease enzyme degrades urea into volatile ammonia. Up to 40% of urea can be lost through ammonia volatilization. NBPT inhibits the urease enzyme by competitive inhibition: NBPT which resembles urea, binds to the active site of the urease enzyme and prevents the urea from binding.

What is the mode of action of the nitrification inhibitor DCD?

Below ground bacterias turn ammonium into nitrate. Up to 30% of Nitrogen can be lost through nitrification. DCD is a bacteriostatic. It prevents the multiplication of the bacterias which participate to the nitrification.

Why does Solvay recommend DCD rather than DMPP or Nitrapyrin?

DCD is more gentle to the environment. It is not a bactericide; it doesn’t kill the bacterias. It is a bacteriostatic. It prevents for multiplication for a while. Moreover Solvay invented the solubilized DCD which is more efficient than conventional powder DCD. It delivers the same performance with 5 times less DCD. This is why AgRHO® NH4 Protect™ is the single Nitrification Inhibitor approved by the French authority ANSES with the AMM n° 1170075.

What is the benefit of using solubilized NBPT / DCD rather than powder NBPT/ DCD?

 Solubilized NBPT / DCD in a liquid formulation is safer to use, easier to use and more efficient. Safer to use because there is no risk of inhalation. Easier to use because it’s easier to apply a liquid rather than a powder on fertilizer. More efficient because the liquid formulation achieves an homogeneous coating and penetrates deep into the granule.

What’s the price of N Protect™ range?

Price depends on the grade and the ordered quantities. The ballpark premium charged to the grower at farmgate is 10% to 20% of the conventional fertilizer value.

What’s the use rate of N Protect™ range?

Use rate depends on the grade and on the Nitrogen content of the fertilizer. It can go from 1 kg to 6 kg per metric ton of fertilizer.

On which fertilizers can I apply N Protect™ range?

NBPT based solutions such as AgRHO® N Protect™,  AgRHO® N50 Protect™ and  AgRHO® N-Dual Protect™ are relevant for urea and UAN. They can also be applied on some blends of urea with other nutrients. Your Solvay representative can advise you in that matter. DCD based solution AgRHO® NH4 Protect™ can be applied on any fertilizer containing either urea or ammonium.