Innovative emulsifiers for transparent high internal phase emulsions

Miracare® OGE and Miracare® OMG are easy to use and highly efficient emulsifiers for creating oil-in-polyol emulsions with translucent or transparent gel-like appearance, answering the market need for novel textures. Miracare® OGE contains propylene glycol as carrier while Miracare® OMG contains glycerin. Oils delivered in gel formats are extremely convenient to use for the consumer, as they do not flow on the skin or hair and hence prevents a messy application.

Furthermore it cares for your skin by respecting the skin barrier. 

OIl Gel Systems


What are the main benefits of our oil gel solutions?

  • Convenient to use gel-like texture
  • Excellent cleansing properties
  • Easy rinse-ability
  • Intense hair nourishment 
  • Mildness and skin caring benefits


What are the main features of our oil gel solutions?

  • High efficiency: 3-5% use level to emulsify approximately 60-80% oils
  • Preservative-free 
  • Ability to suspend beads, scrubs, air bubbles


What are the main applications of our oil gel solutions? 

Skin Care 

  • Cleansers and make-up removers
  • Rinse-off or wipe-off facial skin
  • Sun care products
  • Shower oil gels
  • Body and Baby Oils

Hair Care

  • Hair oils
  • Pre-shampoo / Pre-wash
  • Leave-on treatments
  • Scalp massage treatments


Discover our range of Oil Gel Solutions according to your needs!

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Miracare® OGE Skin Care     View Product
Miracare® OMG Hair Care     View Product 
Miracare® OMG Skin Care     View Product