New formats & routines in hair oil treatments with Miracare® OGE (oil gelling emulsifier)

Transforming texture during application can provide sensory cues to consumers. Discover our first oil gel prototypes for hair care based an innovative emulsification technology platform, Miracare® OGE. Such technology is successfully used to formulate pre-wash treatments for all hair types, as well as the leave-on serums for e.g. multicultural hair.

For customers who would not accept propylene glycol contained in Miracare® OGE because of its synthetic origin, a second generation emulsifier will soon be available with a higher naturalness index: Miracare® OMG, based on glycerin as a carrier instead of propylene glycol.

Oil Gel hair care
Pre-wash based on Miracare® OGE

Solvay Pre-Wash vs Other Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment

oil gel systems hair care

Consumer Benefits:

  • For damaged hair and multicultural hair 
  • Protect hair from further damaged due to shampoo
  • Delivers intense hair nourishment
  • Non-messy application
  • Easy rinse-ability
  • Preservative free


  • High efficiency: 3-5% use level to emulsify approximately 60-80% oils

Consumer applications:

  • Hair oils
  • Pre-shampoo / Pre-wash
  • Leave-on treatments