Disruptive routine with new sensory experience!

The use of oil-based products in skin care is growing because they are perceived as nourishing and caring by consumers. However, oils are inconvenient to use and their application can be messy. Miracare® OGE is an efficient solution to deliver oil-based products that are convenient to use while providing additional sensory and functional benefits.

Convenient to Use:

With Miracare® OGE, it is very easy for formulators to create oil-based cleansers or make-up removers with gel-like textures that are convenient to use, bringing pleasure to the consumer’s everyday ritual!


Miracare OGE gel1


Effective Cleansing:

Another key benefit is that Miracare® OGE oil gel formulations easily emulsify upon contact with water, bringing a visual transformation that signals effective cleansing.


miracare OGE gel 2


Skin Caring Benefits:

Oil gel facial cleansers made with Miracare® OGE leave behind skin that is moisturized and smooth to the touch.

The formula with Miracare® OGE respects the skin barrier better than the premium commercial benchmark. The skin cleansed with the commercial product has shown a slight increase in TEWL five minutes after washing, evidence of a disruption of the skin barrier.  Whereas, the Solvay formulation show near-zero difference between baseline TEWL and five minutes after cleansing.

Two hours after washing, the TEWL of skin cleansed with either formula shows improvement. However, the improvement in TEWL of the skin cleansed with the Solvay formula is significantly better.


miracare OGE gel 3


Consumer Benefits: 

  • Easy to use
  • Easy rinsability
  • Skin caring benefits
  • Preservative free


  • Excellent cleansing properties
  • High efficiency: 3-5% use level to emulsify approximately 60-80% oils
  • Convenience (easy to dispense; non-drip & no mess application)

Consumer Applications: 

  • Cleansers and make-up removers
  • Rinse-off or wipe-off facial skin
  • Sun care products
  • In-shower oil gels
  • Body oils
  • Massage oils
  • Baby oils