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colorful seeds

Peridiam® Lines

Peridiam®: A Fivefold Seed Coating Technology

The Peridiam® portfolio is composed primarily of five product lines: Peridiam® Active, Peridiam® Extra, Peridiam® Quality, Peridiam® FlexSpace and Peridiam® Certop. This structure of seed coating technologies is strategically developed to meet a variety of needs with solutions tailored to different crops, climates, growing conditions and market needs. Each product in the Peridiam® portfolio is specifically designed to improve adhesion of seed treatments, provide better seed coverage and ensure all active compounds stay on the seed, resulting in strong, healthy plants and an enhanced crop yield. 

The seed coatings can be combined with our fluency powders for some recipes, and/or with colored pigments to bring colors to your seeds or intensify it.