Diofan® PVDC Aqueous Dispersions

Diofan® PVDC aqueous dispersions, when applied on various types of base webs, significantly enhance their barrier and packaging properties, enabling them to ensure the freshness of food or to preserve the efficacy of drugs even when distributed to remote geographical areas. 

In addition to offering high barrier properties for food and pharmaceutical packaging, Diofan® PVDC products are the basic ingredient for effective corrosion protection systems in the metal converting industry and maintenance sector. The building industry appreciates the unsurpassed humidity barrier for walls and floors of coating and primer systems containing Diofan® PVDC resins.

Chemical Resistance

The broad-ranging chemical resistance of Diofan® PVDC coatings help protect the quality, appearance and performance of your valuable products.

Corrosion Protection

Thanks to its unrivalled low moisture and water permeability, single coats or primers based on Diofan® PVDC dispersions exhibit outstanding corrosion resistance, even in the most severe environments.

Diofan® PVDC binders provide excellent early water resistance, with overall performance equivalent to that obtained from traditional high performance solvent based paint systems (salt spray performance > 1000 h). Diofan® PVDC helps in the formulation of highly technical, one-pack, water-based paints which are better for both health and the environment.
This low VOC dispersion (<100 ppm) allowing for the production of anti-corrosion systems compliant with European and local regulations, notably those related to VOCs.


Combination of Barrier Properties




The majority of liquid High Barrier Polymer is applied in a dedicated coating process. State-of-the-art coating machines or inline coating stations possess reverse gravure coating systems with closed pressurized chambers, corona treatment for the substrate, air flotation dryers (temperature and web tensions controlled), and inline measurement devices for coating weight, films shrinkage and web inspection.

Proven open gravure systems and air knife coating are still widely used. Examples of special applications include spray coating or dip coating.



Diofan® PVDC Applications

Aqueous Diofan® dispersions enhance and upgrade packaging materials by giving them barrier properties which prevent the transmission of water vapor or oxygen, as well as the ingress of odors.

Diofan® coatings provides strong seals to make hermetic packages and improves the appearance of packaging through its transparency, gloss, print-adhesion and scratch resistance.

Diofan® PVDC on Rigid PVC Films

Blister packs perfectly protect each individual tablet or capsule and are considered as the best packaging for pharmaceuticals, in terms of safety, traceability, hygiene and product life. SolVin® PVC and Diofan® PVDC dispersions are the perfect raw materials: PVC/Diofan® or PVC/PE/Diofan® multilayer films are particularly suitable as reliable secure packaging solutions for drugs that are sensitive to moisture.

Rigid PVC films coated with Diofan® can also be used when excellent barrier qualities are required to prevent gas, odors, and water vapor from reaching the product inside the packs.

Diofan® PVDC on Oriented PP Films

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films are widely used for the packaging of biscuits, confectionary, snacks, cereals, salads & fresh products, overwraps for tobacco and perfumes, petcare etc. which are very sensitive to humidity and oxygen. The sealability of BOPP films is obtained by coextrusion of different types of polypropylene. Sometimes, the sealing and the barrier properties are not sufficient to conveniently close the package and to give good protection to the food.

For these reasons, most of the BOPP film producers have developed Diofan®coated structures which give good sealing properties as well as enhanced water vapor or gas barrier. BOPP films coated with Diofan®on either one or both sides can be found in a variety of packaging applications.

Diofan® PVDC on PET Films

Besides PVC and oriented polypropylene PET films are widely used in complexes for various packaging applications. Associated with Diofan® coatings, PET films are suitable as high performance barrier films used e.g. as lid for thermoformed trays to pack fresh food, also under modified atmosphere (MAP). Those film you'll find also in stand-up pouches and in transparent and printed packaging solutions to protect fatty products like baked food, chocolate, olives etc.. Diofan® coated and laminated PET films can be pasteurized and used in the microwave.

Diofan® PVDC in Corrosion Protection

Diofan® dispersions are the basic ingredient for effective corrosion protection systems in the metal converting industry and maintenance sector.

Diofan® based anticorrosive coating formulations enable cost efficient, reliable protection for automotive underbody and part coatings as well as for components in railway, agricultural, construction machinery and many other applications.

Diofan® PVDC in the Construction Industry

The building industry appreciates the unsurpassed humidity barrier for walls and floors of Diofan® containing coating and primer systems. Diofan® is the best water-borne liquid sealing membrane. This very low VOC dispersion is free of plasticizers and can be fully compliant with requirements for food grade paints. Ideally used as a one-pack primer on hygroscopic material, it gives outstanding protection against moisture. Diofan® primer coatings meet most demanding water-vapor barrier requirements according to ETAG 022 for liquid applied watertight covering for wet rooms with wearing surface.

Diofan® PVDC in Paper Coating

Diofan® coatings on paper and cardboard provide excellent gas and moisture barrier, heat sealability, fat and chemical resistance and anti-static performance. Suitable substrates include a broad range from uncoated kraft papers to high gloss clay coated papers  (30 – 120 g/m2) to cardboard.

Diofan® Super B for Ultra-Barrier Blister Packaging

When it comes to protecting the efficacy of ultra-sensitive pharmaceuticals, nothing can compare to the ultra-barrier performance of film coatings made from Diofan® Super B. This remarkable, high-performance polymer provides superior protection from both oxygen and water vapor. Most other barrier polymers offer protection from either one or the other.

Diofan® Super B coatings also provide:

  • Packaging line efficiencies
  • Good seal integrity at high line speeds
  • Higher pill density and smaller pack sizes by eliminating stiffening rib
  • Ease of tablet and blister-to-carton-feeding
  • Transparency
  • Global regulatory compliance
  • Cost-competitive manufacturing


Diofan® PVDC Barrier Properties













Diofan® Super B Barrier Properties


Ixan® PVDC Extrusion Resins

Ixan® PVDC extrusion grades of barrier resins provide long-lasting protection for advanced packaging and medical film solutions, maximizing customer satisfaction with minimum risk. Barrier film packaging solutions, for both vacuum or MAP technology, are a reliable choice for achieving long shelf-life for packaging of fresh meats, processed meats, fresh/frozen fish, poultry and cheese, along with excellent pack appearance.

A Special Combination of Properties Delivers Unique Capabilities

Barrier films made with Ixan® PVDC extrusion resins are unique in their combination of properties which include transparency, high shrinkage, excellent water vapor and oxygen barrier, flavor and aroma barrier, microwavebility, good mechanical resistance and toughness.

In medical applications such as ostomy bags, this allows patients to lead an active life in the sure knowledge that there will be no leakage.

Multi-layer films using Ixan® PVDC copolymers are manufactured using both cast and blown film process technology. The versatile property profile of Ixan® PVDC grades offers the possibility to satisfy complex packaging requirements by simplifying film structures to only 3-5 layers.

Food Packaging and Wrap Film

Meat Packaging

For both modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging, there is a common need for very high barrier materials that can prevent contact with outside air and invasive bacteria, reduce internal water loss, and improve health and meat safety. Ixan® PVDC high-barrier packaging materials meet these requirements.

Meat packaging Ixan® PVDC resins and ready-to-use premixes can be extruded and co-extruded to films (heat shrinkable or not), and to thermoformable sheets.

Cheese Packaging

Multilayer films containing Ixan® PVDC and Diofan® PVDC take full advantage of their exceptional barrier properties to prevent the ingress of undesired oxygen while providing ideal ripening conditions and full flavor formation that can be perfectly aligned according to the type of cheese.

Sausage Packaging

Extruded mono film with Ixan® PVDC and Diofan® PVDC-coated substrates can both be used in sausage casings to provide excellent shelf-life and low weight losses during storage and distribution. This is due to their excellent and reliable gas and water vapor barrier properties, even in humid conditions. Other advantages include controlled shrink, resistance against heat and high mechanical stress, and suitability for pasteurization.

Wrap Films

Ixan® PVDC can be combined with plasticised or semi-rigid PVC, whether medium or high molecular weight, in the manufacture of cling film for wrapping food products. Such films offer low permeability to steam and oxygen to keep foods such as meat and cheese fresh, along with high clarity, good puncture resistance, elasticity and recovery. This type of film is made at very high speed in extrusion processes.

Thin, clingy plastic films could be made of Ixan® PVDC, which are known for providing superior barrier properties versus all other food wrapping solutions, including protection from aroma losses and off-flavor transfer. These films are the benchmark for food protection in food wrapping.

Healthcare Supplies

Ixan® High Barrier Polymer Resins are used for making barrier films for reliably safe ostomy pouching systems. These bags are highly sophisticated, and consist of medical grade plastic films which must meet several criteria:

  • Impermeability
  • Mechanical strength
  • Seam strength
  • Gas & odor barrier
  • Flexibility

In addition, they must not irritate the skin and must make the least possible noise so as not to draw attention to the wearer.



Ixan® PVDC (high-barrier polymer) Product Range
Ixan® PVS 109 A ready-to-process Ixan® PVDC premix for the coextrusion of high barrier films (heat shrinkable or not) in food packaging and for medical film applications.
Ixan® PVS 119 A PVDC-based blend for extrusion and coextrusion of barrier films for food packaging and medical films. It is recommended for applications that require a very good oxygen and water vapor barrier.
Ixan® PVS 801 A ready-to-process Ixan® PVDC blend for the coextrusion of barrier films with controlled permeability, e.g. for cheese packaging.


Film Extrusion

Ixan® PVDC grades can be processed by extrusion or coextrusion equipments using dedicated machine designs for the converting of this class of high barrier polymers. Construction materials for the machines must have high corrosion resistance such as X-Alloy, Colmonoy, Hastelloy or Duranickel.

Available extrusion and multi layer coextrusion process technologies include cast films and blown films.

Shown here is the “double bubble” process for biaxial orientation.

Ixan® PVDC Ready-to-Use Premixes

Solvay Specialty Polymers also offers ready-to-use premixes.

Premixing: Extrusion grades must be blended with additives such as processing aids, heat stabilizers, plasticizers, and/or pigments.

Ixan® PVDC Soluble Resins

Dissolved Ixan® PVDC resins are used as adhesion primers, heat-sealing lacquers and print-ink binder on various substrates. Cellulose and PET films (plain or metallized) and aluminium foils are coated with soluble Ixan® PVDC grades without the necessity of applying an adhesion promoter.

Multi-Purpose Formulation

Ixan® PVDC soluble resins are excellent adhesion primers with barrier functionality on aluminum, metallized films and substrates, plastic films, paper, cellulose film, steel and wood. They are suitable for subsequent coating with Diofan® PVDC dispersions, the aqueous range for barrier coatings from Solvay.

Ixan® PVDC soluble resins can be used as binders in print-inks and in lacquer formulations as well as for heat-sealable protective varnishes.

Ixan® PVDC aluminum coating grades can be used to make foils reliably seal to themselves or to other webs, such as plastic foils, without losing barrier properties.


Ixan® PVDC for Aluminium Foil Coating

Uncoated aluminum foils cannot be sealed together by any technique. With the Ixan® aluminum coating grade you can make the foils reliably seal to themselves or to other webs such as plastic foils without losing barrier.

Ixan® SGA-1 as Co-Binder in Print Ink Formulations

In view of its characteristics of adherence, water resistance, and chemical inertness, Ixan SGA 1 makes an excellent ink binder for printing on various substrates. The broad range of usable solvent systems for this resin allow the manufacturers to control the drying properties.

Heat-sealable varnishes protect your printed surface from chemical and mechanical attack.

Product Data

  • Ixan® PVDC Soluble Resin
  • Ixan® SGA-1 : A specialty copolymer based on vinylidene chloride and vinyl chloride monomers. The unrivalled performance of Ixan® PVDC SGA-1 is due to the combination of its outstanding adhesion characteristics combined with barrier properties. It can be used as a primer on a wide range of substrates, offering binding capabilities for print inks and paints, as well as protective varnishes. In addition to barrier properties, Ixan® PVDC SGA-1 provides chemical resistance for coatings and coverings along with heat-sealability, transparency, and glossiness for coatings. This grade is soluble in a wide range of common organic solvents at room temperature.

Diofan® PVDC and Ixan® PVDC Technical Data Sheets