Our most performing soil removal solution for powder detergent

Repel-O-Tex® SF2 is our special grade which excels where other soil removal polymers available on the market find their limits. Repel-O-Tex® SF2 offers the best in class performance on tough stains such as dirty motor oil. It is compatible with the most difficult to wash fabrics such as polyester fabrics.


Excellent Performance Tough Stain:

Repel-O-Tex SF2 Fabrics


Consumer Benefits

  • Protection against greasy soiling
  • Efficient against tough stains 
  • Keep whites whitner
  • Wash at lower levels of surfactants


  • Whitening maintenant and protective Agent 
  • Compatible with all powder formulations
  • Particularly suited to polyester fabrics and for mixed cotton/polyester fabrics
  • Improve performance of your solution even at very low dosage 

Consumer Applications: 

  • Laundry Detergent