Repel-O-Tex® Crystal - The “Liquid” detergent to protect the clothes you love!


What consumer needs does it answer?

  1. Excellent soil removal for all stains, even the greasy ones
  2. Prevents soil redeposition on fabrics to make wash easier
  3. Avoids greying of fabrics and keeping whites whiter
  4. Suitability with cold temperature wash



What are the main attributes to Repel-O-Tex® Crystal?

Repel-O-Tex® Crystal main benefits


Repel-O-Tex® Crystal (nonionic polyester) - Soil Release Polymers





Home Care


Detergent booster

Protective agent

Soil release agent

Anti-graying agent

Long lasting protection

Moisture management

Whiteness maintenance 


Liquid laundry detergents

Fabric softeners

Not suitable for detergents with pH higher than 9