Power up your liquid detergents to protect the clothes you love!

Driven by consumer needs, soil release polymers perform where other technologies fail. Repel-O-Tex® Crystal is a protective shield against soiling and graying. It adsorbs on synthetic fabric from the first wash while forming a protective layer against resoiling. Furthermore, it makes subsequent cycles easier, avoids deep penetration of soils, prevents greying.

Repel-O-Tex® Crystal protects against classic greasy soils and make their removal easier. Repel-O-Tex® Crystal also protects against greying, helping your garments stay white longer.


Repel-O-Tex® Crystal keeps an excellent level of performance even at reduced detergent level.




Repel-O-Tex® Crystal also offers you the best of its power at temperatures as low as 20°C.



Recommended to add Crystal at the last step of the formulation, once pH is already adjusted. Suitable to formulate all types of detergents, from diluted ones to highly concentrated liquids


Consumer Benefits:

  • Protection against greasy soiling
  • Whiteness Maintenance



  • Whitening and Protecting Agent
  • Cold wash compatible (as low as 20 degrees C)
  • Wash with less chemicals
  • Suitable with all types of liquid detergents


Consumer applications:

  • Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Softners