Innovative rheological agent for skin cleansing solutions with low-to-medium surfactant!

Rheomer® AB 25T is the hydrophobically-modified alkali-swellable emulsion (HASE) polymer for personal care formulations designed to provide efficient thickening and good suspension properties for a mild and caring cleansing thanks to a low to medium surfactant chassis content. With Rheomer® AB 25T, formulators bring the sought textures and additional functionalities which drive consumer preferences and making the whole sensorial experience more pleasurable.


From high viscosity to clear solution...

Rheomer® AB 25T allows for a significant reduction of thickener inclusion level in cleansing formulations. Rheomer® AB 25T displays synergistic thickening and high clarity in the presence of salt.


...With desired suspensions

They yield point of a formulation in typically recognized as a measure of the ability of a composition to effectively suspend particles. Dispersed particles will remain suspended if the yield value is sufficient to overcome the effect of gravity or buoyancy on these particles. With Rheomer® AB 25T, yield stress > 1 Pa which is typically sufficient to suspend most particles is very easily obtained. With Rheomer® AB 25T, the lower the surfactant content, the higher the yield stress.



  • At pH =6.5, the lower surfactant content, the higher the yield stress
  • 1.00(highlighted on this graph in yellow)  is the minimum yield stress needed for sufficient suspending powder

Customer Benefits

  • Rich foam with whiteness & elasticity
  • Pleasant cushiony in-use feel
  • Easy-to-use liquid form 



  • Enhanced flash-foam & foam volume: high foam richness, whiteness & elasticity
  • Superior clarity pH > 6.3 with a high tolerance to salt
  • High thickening efficiency in both sulfate-based and sulfate-free surfactant systems       
  • Good suspension properties in low to medium surfactant level [6 – 13%]                     
  • Emulsifies and stabilizes oils at low pH


Consumer applications

  • Liquid Hand Soaps

  • Body Washes

  • Facial Washes 
  • Conditioning Shampoos 
  • Baby Formulations