Rheozan® SH, natural polymer delivering rheology modification with excellent sensory benefits

Rheomer® SH is a natural rheology modifier, certified 100% natural,  that provides a smooth and velvety after feel to skin care formulation and helps eliminate tackiness, while providing excellent stabilization of formulations containing acidic actives and electrolytes.


  • How does it work?

Rheozan® SH contain Succinoglycan molecule. Succinoglycan modifies a liquid’s rheology and it offers the combined advantages of giving personal care products a pleasant texture and being made from a 100% natural resource.


  • Is there any alternative?

The main comparable competitor on the market for Rheozan® SH (leaving aside its synthetic equivalents) is Xanthan Gum, a very widely used thickening agent. But succinoglycan actually offers superior properties.


Efficient in presence of acidic actives

Rheozan® SH exhibits excellent thickening and stabilizing properties in the presence of acidic actives. Contrary to expectations, the viscosity build of Rheozan® SH increases with higher levels of acidic actives. 

Rheozan SH -  Efficient with acidic actives

Efficient in presence of electrolytes

 Rheozan® SH  exhibits an excellent electrolyte tolerance. Rheozan® SH builds viscosity better in the presence of high salt levels, with excellent long-term stability.

Rheozan SH - Efficient with electrolytes


Rheozan® SH provides real benefits

  1. Smooth & velvet skin feel
  2. Non sticky & good spreadability 
  3. No residue on skin & easily absorbed
  4. Eliminates tackiness of oil-in-water formulations
  5. Excellent stabilizer for systems containing acidic actives, salts & electrolytes
  6. Wide pH range compatibility (<3 to >12)
  7. Hot- & cold-processable


Rheozan® SH features

  • Naturality validated by Ecocert
  • Supplied as a free-flowing powder
  • Typical use level: 0.2-1.0%


Rheozan® SH consumer applications

Rheozan® SH is an active ingredient that can be used in various skin care products, such as:

  • Skin care & sun care formulations
  • Color cosmetics
  • Skin care lotions & creams
  • Facial masks
  • Anti aging & hydrating serums

“Rheozan SH matches current consumer demand for personal care products that are made from natural ingredients.”

Anne Thomasson, Global Key Account Manager, Novecare, Solvay

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