Eco-friendly solvent


Rhodiasolv® RPDE is a classical dibasic ester solvent presenting an excellent health, security and environment profile (toxicity, VOC*, and biodegradability) in a wide range of applications: coil and can coating formulation, resins for foundry cores, paint stripping, formulation for pesticides, insecticides, printing inks, industrial cleaning…


Customer's challenges

The customers are looking for solvents combining excellent environment profile to meet HSE regulation, and powerful solvatation for formulation in resins, paints, cleaning product or for dissolving polar substrates.


Features & Benefits

Rhodiasolv® RPDE presents wide features and benefits in terms of efficiency and HSE properties: 

Safety in use  

Rhodiasolv® RPDE is a safe solvent to use because of its boiling range and high flash points (100°C) make it a non flammable product, and it offers a large formulating temperature. Moreover, Rhodiasolv® RPDE has no labelling at all, and thus it's a non toxic solvent. VOC: This classical Dibasic ester solvent is a non VOC regarding to European directive (1999/13/EC).  

An “Ecofriendly” dibasic ester solvent 

Rhodiasolv® RPDE is readily biodegradable and is non toxic solvent for aquatic organisms. Combining to the non VOC properties, this dibasic ester solvent is an excellent alternative to traditional product. For example, Rhodiasolv® RPDE can substitute acetone (highly VOC solvent in Europe) in cleaning operation. This solvent can replace isophorone and glycol ether in order to reduce hygiene & environment impact for coil coating. In agricultural formulation Rhodiasolv® RPDE is an especially good candidate for low concentration Insecticides formulations.

A powerful solvent

Rhodiasolv® RPDE is an ideal solution to dissolve polar resins, and can be easily used for cleaning or formulating, in a wide range of application.  For example this solvent can solubilize many different resins: cellulose nitrate, acrylic, polyurethane, polyester, aminoplast, phenoplast, alkyd, epoxy and vinyl.



Rhodiasolv® RPDE is traditionally used for coil and can coating for paint formulation, and as a key solvent in resins for foundry cores (cold box technology). The solvent is also use in a number of new applications in order to meet HSE regulation such as paint stripping, pesticides and insecticides formulations, printing inks.

*Volatile Organic compound