Rhodoline® 4000 Series are APE-free wetting and dispersing agents

Rhodoline® 4000 Series is specifically designed for water-based pigment dispersions and is effective for the improvement of color acceptance & development of inorganic pigments used in Architectural, Industrial and Ink applications. The new wetting and dispersing additives can be used to formulate coatings that are compliant with sustainability protocols.

Rhodoline® 4000 Series are versatile products that can be used as co-dispersants within the grind and colorant systems and also, as a post-additive in paints to achieve optimum color enhancement and development.


Rhodoline® 4000 Series, features & benefits

Rhodoline® 4000 Series are used across a wide range of inorganic color pigments. They improve the color development and color acceptance of the final coating/ink.

  • High solids
  • Improved color acceptance & development
  • Better dispersion stability
  • Reduced color floating
  • Enhanced gloss
  • Excellent wetting


Rhodoline® 4000 Series, applications

  • Achitectural Coatings
  • Industrial Coatings 
  • Inks
  • Automotive Coatings 
  • Electronics