Eco-friendly pigment wetting & dispersing agent designed to address environmental and health requirements

Rhodoline® WA 265N is an Ecolabel-compliant APE-free wetting & dispersing agent for paint and pigment dispersions. Rhodoline® WA 265N provides excellent tint strength and stability over time.


Rhodoline® WA 265N, features & benefits

Solvay’s Rhodoline® WA 265N is the most cost-efficient Eco-friendly choice to boost color development of your colorants and paints. 
Rhodoline® WA 265N enabling to participate in the Eco-friendly market due to its toxicological profile and its very low VOC and SVOC levels. In addition, it provides better efficiency due to its high wetting pigment power, meaning that less dispersant is required to obtain excellent color development. 

  • Eco-label compliant
  • Wetting agent
  • Dispersing agent for organic pigments
  • Improved tint-strength
  • Improved stability
  • Excellent color acceptance


Rhodoline® WA 265N, applications

  1. Waterborne colorants
  2. Waterborne coatings
  3. Coatings applications