Ecolabel dispersing/wetting & compatibilizer agent for architectural paints

Rhodoline® WA 2830E is an eco-friendly dispersing/wetting and compatibilizer agent designed to enhance scrub resistance, water resistance, and blocking properties in all PVC systems. This low-VOC and APE-free additive is a paint enhancer strategically formulated for waterborne architectural coatings and waterborne colorants. Due to its outstanding water resistance and wet scrub resistance properties, Rhodoline® WA 2830E is highly recommended for exterior applications, from matte to high gloss paint formulations. In addition, this new additive offers improved color acceptance and can reduce TiO2 without affecting opacity. With this unique combination of properties, Rhodoline® WA-2830E can minimize formulation costs.

Rhodoline® WA 2830E key features and benefits

Key features

  • Dispersing/wetting & compatibilizer agent
  • Ecolabel, label free, low VOC
  • Easy handling
  • Good compatibility with binder systems
  • Low foaming solution

Key benefits

  • Excellent wetting and dispersing
  •  Outstanding scrub resistance
  • Exceptional water resistance
  • Very good blocking properties
  • Potential to reduce TiO2  without impact on opacity
  • Prevention of rub-out issue and improvement of color development

Rhodoline® WA 2830E applications

Key applications

  • Matte to gloss coatings

  • Waterborne architectural paints

  • Waterborne colorants

  • Well-suited for interior and exterior applications

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