High efficiency specialty monomers

The Solvay Sipomer® range of specialty monomers is designed to improve performance in waterborne architectural coatings, waterborne industrial coatings and waterborne adhesives. These highly efficient specialty monomers can be used in most applications at 0.55 to 3% to deliver significant performance improvement and increased functionality into emulsion polymerization formulations.


Build more functionality into your waterborne coatings formulations

The Sipomer® range of specialty monomers can be used for formulating improved performance into corrosion-resistant coatings, scrub-resistant paints, stain-resistant coatings and water-resistant coatings. Sipomer® specialty monomers promote better direct-to-metal (DTM) adhesion and improved adhesion on inorganic surfaces and other difficult substrates and enhance thye performance properties of high-scrub, gloss, low-water sensitive, easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant surfaces. 


Sipomer® applications

Sipomer®  is very efficient. In most application, these monomers deliver significant performance and bring functionality to polymers, such as:

  1. Adhesion
  2. Corrosion resistance 
  3. Scrub resistance
  4. Stain resistance
  5. Mechanical stability
  6. Rheology
  7. Pressure sensitive adhesives


Sipomer® provides real and visible benefits

Whether your formulation is waterborne, solventborne or you seek support in transitioning towards waterborne, Sipomer® will deliver in the following benefits:

  • Improved mechanical, thermal & salt stability
  • Antifoam chemical
  • Scrub control
  • High gloss clear coat
  • Low water sensitivity
  • Improved adhesion (wet, metal, inorganic, wood & pigments)
Paint and brush
Adhesion and much more

Sipomer® PAM series

Wet Adhesion Monomers

Sipomer ® WAM series

Reactive Diluents

Sipomer® IBOA, IBOMA