Technyl® eXten D 236AL 

Solvay Engineering Plastic’s bio-sourced Technyl® eXten provides an effective alternative to polyamide 12 protective coating for metal pipes. For example, unfilled Technyl eXten D 236AL is copper-like colored, then melted onto the surface of aluminium pipes used in air conditioning systems' outdoor cooling units.

Technyl® eXtenD 218CR V33

Solvay Engineering Plastics continually evolves the Technyl® offering to meet new requirements for engine components. Our innovative Technyl® eXten D 218CR V33 provides a well-balanced combination of hydrolysis and road salt resistance. This partially bio-based grade was developed specifically to provide chemical resistance to calcium chloride, the preferred road salt used in countries with lower freezing temperatures.

Product properties 

  • High-speed extrusion ability (high flow) 

  • Aluminum adhesion (with epoxy primer)

  • Flexibility

  • UV stability 

  • Excellent surface aspect

  • Color-matching


Application markets 

  • Home appliances 
  • Building and construction 
  • Automotive