Technyl® One is a new polymer technology patented by Solvay that effectively yields high temperature performance while offering distinct advantages to avoid tool corrosion and increase processing stability. 

Main benefits for customers 

  • Market-leading electrical performance
  • Performance processing even at low temperatures
  • Low corrosion for tools and injection equipment


Product properties 

  • Yellow card available with the highest RTI rating at 150°C, at 0.4mm wall thickness 
  • High fire rating class: UL94 at 0.4mm, 600V CTI, GWFI 960°C at 0.8mm
  • 30% higher dimensional stability than standard polyamide due to significantly enhanced moisture resistance
  • Excellent surface aspect, even for 50% glass fiber reinforced materials
  • Specific color tailoring upon request


Electrical protection devices requiring product miniaturization and multi-functionality such as high-range miniature circuit breakers (MCB), model case circuit breakers (MCCB), contactors, and all applications that require high electrical performance.