Solvay Engineering Plastics is a global leader in polyamide-based engineering polymers. Since 1953, we develop, manufacture and commercialize a complete range of high performance materials for automotive and transportation, construction and energy, consumer goods and industrial equipment under the Technyl® brand.

Today, the Technyl® family is stronger than ever with four new differentiating products and service offers - the Technyl® Force - for which Solvay Engineering Plastics has leading expertise.


Metal replacement

  • Reduce weight   
  • Process easily   
  • Optimize function integration   
  • Lower cost


Fire protection

  • Perform to high safety standards 
  • Enjoy high performance   
  • Produce efficiently   
  • Respect the environment 

Thermal management

  • Leader in Automotive for Thermal Management 
  • Dedicated offer for Turbo Charging 


Fluid barrier

  • High chemical resistance 
  • Longer durability 
  • Holding up under pressure 
  • Fuel barrier resistance