High-Performance Seals for Critical Applications

Tecnoflon® fluorelastomers and perfluorolastomers provide exceptional resistance to chemicals, acids, steam, hydrogen sulfide and flex fuels, making them ideal for the harsh environments found in Automotive, Oil & Gas, Energy and Semicon Industries.

Oil & Gas Downhole & Offshore E&P

The harsh environments of the Oil & Gas industry demand elastomers capable of extreme temperature and chemical resistance. The Tecnoflon® family of fluoroelastomers offers a variety of grades tough enough to withstand the rigors of downhole and subsea challenges.

Grade Key Features

Tecnoflon® Bisphenol Curable

  • Good resistance to heat and hydrocarbons
  • Outstanding compression set resistance
  • Good Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) resistance

Tecnoflon® Peroxide Curable

  • Improved chemical resistance
  • High temperature steam resistance
  • Excellent resistance to sour gases (H2S mixtures)
  • Outstanding RGD resistance

Tecnoflon® Peroxide Curable for Low Temperature

  • Extended low temperature service
  • High temperature steam resistance
  • Excellent resistance to sour gases (H2S mixtures)
  • Outstanding RGD resistance

Tecnoflon® Base Resistant

  • Excellent resistance to bases, amines, steam, hydrocarbons and sour gases

Tecnoflon® PFR FFKM

The ultimate choice for chemical and thermal performance

  • Resistance to nearly every chemical class
  • Some grades offering heat resistance up to 300°C
  • Good RGD resistance

Automotive Fuel Systems

Tecnoflon® fluoroelastomers offer resistance to the most aggressive fuel mixtures while providing excellent properties for the lowest permeation. Tecnoflon® FKM grades have been designed to cover a broad operating temperature range: -40°C to +250°C. Applications include O-rings, fuel line quick-connect seals, fuel sender unit seals, fuel host connectors and fuel cap seals.

Fuel Cell Stack Sealing

Tecnoflon® FKM is the ideal material for fuel cell stack sealing with high softness thanks to its outstanding properties:

  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • High temperature rating (up to 250°C) – a mandatory choice where conventional rubbers reach their limits (temperature over 100-120°C)
  • Low gas permeability

Where necessary, high purity fluoroelastomers (organic filled) are also available.

Solar Energy Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing

Critical sealing made from Tecnoflon® FKM and FFKM ensure process reliability and long service life.

Wind Power Gear Drives

Tecnoflon® FKM and FFKM are designed for demanding sealing applications in aggressive chemical and high heat environments. They are compatible with a wide range of fluids, lubricants and chemicals. Their unique properties make them the best choice for the production of high performance gear drives seals.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Critical sealing made from Tecnoflon® FKM and FFKM ensure process reliability and long service life for wafer processing equipment.

Performance Data

Chemical Resistance in Flex Fluids

Fluid Testing in Ethanol Blends (70 hrs @ 60°C)


Fluid Testing at Methanol Blends (168 hrs @ 23°C / 40°C)


Fluid Testing in Biodiesel (336 hrs @ 150°C)



Resistance to Hydrogen Sulphide

Tecnoflon® FKM Peroxide Curable 
Temperature Effect on P 959 in H2S 64% - EB Change


Tecnoflon® FKM Bisphenol Curable 
Temperature Effect on FOR 5381 in H2S 64% - EB Change

Rapid Gas Decompression
Property Unit Tecnoflon® 
Material type   Type 2 FKM, 
PO cured
FFKM, PO cured
TR10 °C -15 -
Compound   - -
Hardness (Shore A)   90 90
M50%   7.6 9.0
M100%   14.1 18.4
Tensile strength MPa 22.5 20.1
Elongation at break % 150 118
Norsok Rating   0000, 0000, 0000, 0000 0000, 0000, 1000, 0000
Chemical Resistance

VPL 85540 in Norsok Fluid and Methanol (After 70hrs @ 23°C)



Norsok Fluid: Heptane/20% Cyclohexane/10% Toluene


Chemical Resistance in Hydrocarbon Blends and Methanol (168 hrs @ 23°C)



Fuel C: Mixture 50-50% of Iso-Octane and Toluene 
M15: Mixture 85-15% of Fuel C and Methanol


Chemical Resistance in Hydrocarbon Blends and Methanol (336 hrs @ 60°C)


VPL 85540 vs Other Elastomers - Change in Durometer 
After Aging in Fluids (70 hrs @23°C)



Acid Resistance

Organic Acid Resistance 
10% Formic Acid, 10% Acetic Acid, 80% Dl Water (336 hrs @ 121°C)


Acid Resistance 
98% H2SO4 (70hrs @ 150°C)



Steam Resistance

Steam Resistance (169% @ 200°C)