Tecnoflon® FKM Peroxide Curable grades are the best-in-class chemical resistance grades with a fluorine content range from 67% to 70%. They are designed to produce O-rings, shaft-seals, turbo charger hoses and complex shapes for the automotive and chemical process industry. The peroxide curable grades show excellent processability by injection or compression molding.

Tecnoflon® Peroxide Curable fluoroelastomers exhibit superior resistance to a wide variety of chemicals coupled with excellent processability, optimum compression set and good flexibility at low temperatures. 

Tecnoflon® grades P 757-P 959 (n.127) are FDA compliant (vol.21 - §177.2600).

Key features

  • Low post cure
  • Superior mold flow
  • Lack of mold fouling
  • Excellent mold release
  • Good metal bonding


Sealing Force


Chemical Resistance