Outstanding Performance in Critical Environments

Udel® PSU resins are amorphous sulfone polymers and offer many desirable characteristics, such as resistance to hydrolysis, thermal stability, retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, clarity, and transparency.

Udel® PSU is indicated when higher thermal capability, inherent flame resistance, better chemical resistance, and improved mechanical properties are required.

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Heat Resistance

Sulfone polymers are noted for high heat deflection temperatures (HDT) and outstanding dimensional stability. These strong, rigid polymers are the only thermoplastics that remain transparent at service temperatures as high as 204°C (400°F). Even after long-term exposure, the resins do not discolor or degrade.




Hydrolytic Stability

The hydrolytic stability of sulfone polymers makes them highly resistant to water absorption. This combines with heat resistance to deliver reliable long-term performance in hot water and steam, even under autoclave pressures. Unlike other transparent polymers, sulfone polymers are not prone to clouding or crazing.


Chemical Resistance

General Indication of Chemical Resistance
  Udel® PSU Radel® PPSU PC
General Chemicals      
Alcohols Good Excellent Good
Acids, Concentrated Good Excellent Fair
Acids, Diluted Excellent Excellent Good
Bases, Concentrated Excellent Excellent Poor
Baes, Diluted Excellent Excellent Poor
Esters Poor Fair Poor
Hydrocarbons, Aliphatic Excellent Excellent Poor
Hydrocarbons, Aromatic Poor Fair Poor
Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated Poor Fair Poor
Ketones Poor Poor Poor
Hospital Disinfectants      
Bleach Solutions, 10% Excellent Excellent Good
Cavicide® Excellent Excellent Good
Envirocide® Excellent Excellent Good
Cidex® Excellent Excellent Excellent
Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% Excellent Excellent Good
Isopropyl Alcohol, 70% Good Excellent Good
Manu-Klenz® Excellent Excellent Excellent
Phenols, 2% Poor Excellent Good
Quaternaries Good Excellent Excellent
Sani-Cloth® HB Excellent Excellent Poor
Sani-Cloth® Plus Poor Excellent Poor
Sporotal® 100 Good Excellent Excellent
Wex-Cide® Poor Excellent Good