Electrical & Electronic Components

In the electrical & electronics market, Veradel® PESU offers outstanding aging resistance, inherent flame retardance, and excellent electrical properties, making it ideal for connector housings and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) applications such as brackets and frames. Veradel® PESU also demonstrates low ionic and low out-gas performance, low shrinkage, high dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and mechanical property retention over extended use, all of which are optimal properties for housings and modules in today’s most advanced HDD internal parts and optical connectors. 



Membranes & Filtration

Veradel® PESU (polyethersulfone) offers many of the same features as Udel polysulfone with the added benefit of high heat resistance. In membrane applications, this high-performance polymer can be used to make hollow fiber, tubular and flat sheet types of MF and UF membranes for water treatment and hemodialysis applications. Powder grades are available for ease of dissolution in conventional processing solvents.




Veradel® PESU has an HDT of 204°C, is inherently non-flammable, and provides good chemical resistance. Its range of molecular weights and melt viscosities allows for easier processing with solvents In the coatings market.  It offers good adhesive properties to a wide range of metals, including stainless steel and aluminum.



Food Services

Veradel® PESU exhibits impressive dimensional stability and is inherently flame resistant to promote consumer safety. Veradel® PESU is an excellent polymer in the food service industry, for food contact applications where transparency and strength are essential, including baby bottles, food trays, pipes, tubes, fittings, and transparent hoods.




Target applications for Veradel® HC PESU include housings and internal structural components for medical diagnostic equipment, monitoring and filtration devices, and biopharma processing applications such as sight windows and quick-connects. The material is currently available worldwide for sampling in healthcare applications.




Veradel® PESU unreinforced compounds are used for automotive lighting and blade fuse applications. The reinforced grades offer higher stiffness and dimensional stability, in addition to benefits in creep resistance, chemical resistance, and lower thermal expansion, making Veradel® PESU an excellent choice for automotive electrical applications.