Why work at Solvay?


At Solvay, our vision for the future drives everything we do. We are inspired by the ambition to reshape our industry by building a sustainable and pioneering business with chemistry at its heart. 

Our goal in HR is to place each of our employees at the heart of this strategy. Through their skills and talents, they are the ones who ensure the sustainable growth of the Group. 

By implementing a people-focused culture, we support our people to reach their potential: we want to empower our teams, committing them to tangible objectives and foster a “customer-oriented” state of mind which is creative and collaborative. 

As far as career management is concerned, we encourage people to play an active role in their individual development and career evolution and we, as HR, support them to seize new opportunities. 


Joining Solvay means commitment, innovative mindset, passion and this make the most of a collaborative environment!


What are the main opportunities working at Solvay?


There are many. We have a strong Group culture that is linked to our history and our core business – science and innovation. This brings considerable energy and passion. 

Challenging jobs, international opportunities –we’ve over 470 expatriates- team-work but also a fulfilling environment makes Solvay a Group in which everyone can find their own space to invent, create and flourish, both personally and professionally. 

We encourage the growth of our people through continuous development: our Solvay Corporate University is a key lever to enhance talents and skills. 

How does HR contribute to Solvay’s growth in Asia which represents a strategic continent for Solvay?


40% of the world’s population lives in India and China and the speed of social and economic change in these countries is accelerating fast. The main challenge for us lies in keeping and anticipating the speed of change. 

That is why we put a strong focus on Asia, in the main HR domain such as career development, compensation, professional mobility, etc… and we have many assets such as being an international Group with various career opportunities, being able to develop their skills through learning, mentoring.

When we recruit new talents, we have an on-boarding program that starts from their first day at Solvay to ensure a good integration in the Group.