Solvay corporate University

Learning plays a critical role in achieving business and personal success at Solvay.

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That’s why the Solvay Corporate University (SCU), our dedicated Learning department, is at the heart of Solvay’s vision for growing our multinational talents. 

From building new capabilities to sharpening existing skills, whatever your role, the SCU will be there to help you develop your full potential. 

Andrew Foster, Chief Learning Officer, Brussels (Belgium).
Our objective is to deliver learning programs to develop the skills needed to achieve Solvay's ambitions and, as part of this, help employees uncover and achieve their potential.

For the entire team, contributing to the creation of a multicultural group is a formidable challenge.
Programs of the SCU are coordinated through 2 global divisions: Leadership and Management on one hand and Academies on the other hand. The leadership & Management division focuses on programs that develop the competencies of tomorrow's business leaders and people managers.
Academies offer learning programs to support the different Solvay professional families by developing specific expertise and transversal capabilities.