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Our lawyers accompany Solvay's development by optimizing its goals in a national, European or international context, while at the same time minimizing the risks in order to protect the company and its employees.
  • Are you an expert in financial/stock law or market/business law?
  • Are you interested in the industrial property field?


Business Lawyer (non-specialist)

Your missions: 
  • You are proficient in business law
  • You identify and anticipate legal problems
  • You recommend legal solutions to optimize actions

Your academic background:
  • 5 years in higher education studying business law, ideally complemented by a period of study overseas with a specialization in an area of law such as environmental law, European law, contract law, etc.

Corporate Lawyer (specialist)

Your missions: 
  • You advise and support the senior management team in the administration of the company and, in particular, its corporate governance, financing and development
  • You provide legal expertise in different areas of the law: stock market law, company law, financial law, M&A
  • You recommend, introduce and apply the Policies & Procedures in your particular area of expertise

Your academic background:
  • 5 years in higher education studying business law or company law or international law, complemented ideally by a specialization in a particular legal area
  • A professional experience overseas is an advantage

Patents Engineer & Intellectual Property Lawyer

Your missions:
  • You protect and enhance the value of Solvay’s technological and commercial assets in terms of intellectual property
  • You register titles to Industrial Property (patents, brands, domain names, etc.) and manage the procedures required for the issue of these documents
  • You negotiate and draft agreements related to R&D and licenses (patents, know-how, brands, etc.)
  • You manage litigation related to the infringement of these titles to Intellectual Property
  • You ensure coordination between the enterprise's different entities to maximize the value of its assets

Your academic background:
  • 5 years in higher education studying chemical engineering and/or law, with an additional specialization in industrial property