Tooling materials help mold the surface quality of a composite part

Manufacturing composite parts involves creation of a mold to form the material. For part manufacturers, tooling materials require high dimensional stability and appropriate durability depending on the number of cycles. Solvay offers epoxy- and BMI-based tooling materials. Both types offer superior handling characteristics and molded surface quality, which are important in assuring accurate manufacture of composite parts.

Solvay approaches composite tooling by focusing on developing material to meet future demands. Through our focused engagement in collaborative research and development programs with government, academia and industry bodies, we are able to push the boundaries in function, cost-effectiveness, durability and robust processing. 

Solvay's tooling portfolio was developed to meet the industrial markets' requirements:

  • Low temperature initial cures enabling our customers to use low cost master models and removes the need for intermediate tooling

  • Vacuum-only (Out of Autoclave) cure formulations being invaluable for marine, wind energy, and large tools where an autoclave would not be viable

Our tooling portfolio includes:

  • Tooling prepregs – epoxy and BMI materials

  • Tooling hardware manufacture (out of our Saint Jean, France site) – composite tools, heated tools, reusable silicone tooling

  • Ancillary products – tooling block, tooling core, backing structures and sealing systems


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