CosiMo Consortium: high volume production of TPCs for aerospace and automotive

Solvay, Premium AEROTEC, and Faurecia Clean Mobility have launched the Industry Research Group: Composites for Sustainable Mobility (known as IRG CosiMo). It is the first private consortium to focus on the development of materials and process technologies that will enable the high-volume production of TPCs for both aerospace and automotive.

The IRG CosiMo partners will bring together their expertise, capabilities, and resources to meet industry growth expectations and offer solutions for sustainable mobility. The consortium will initially focus on composite adoption, industrialization, and accelerating automotive and aerospace ramp-up rates.

ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC): enabling TPC technology in large volume applications

We joined the ThermoPlastic Composites Research Center (TPRC), the world-leading research, development and innovation center for thermoplastic composites (TPC) focused on enabling the use of this technology in large volume applications and eliminating technological barriers towards its widespread adoption.

Investing heavily in TPC technology development and process industrialization, we recognize the TPRC as a leading innovative R&D platform. As a Tier 1 member, we are granted access to the research generated and the ability to steer on fundamental development activities, which are complementary to our internal research such as forming and overmolding, cost-effective manufacture of large structures, material performance and sustainability.