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Composite Application Center Heanor

Developing New Technologies and Processes For Thermoset Composites


Solvay’s Heanor Composite Application Center dedicates its research to improving and expanding the capabilities of thermoset composites. Additionally, our experts focus on the industrialization of composite part manufacturing through the development and optimization of rate-capable processes.

We work ceaselessly to help identify the right and most advanced composite materials for some of the most challenging usages and applications in aerospace markets. From concept to commercialization, our experts can help every step of the way. 

Key Innovation Capabilities - Simulation, Prototyping, Commercial Applications


Step 1: Simulation 

  • 2D Material Utilization Software
  • Tool design and manufacturing simulation
  • Trade Study analysis for material and process selection

Our scientists have simulation expertise and develop trade studies for and with our customers. Through our simulation processes, we can help partners identify the ideal support materials and processes. Some of the processes they can identify as ideal during the simulation process include 2D material utilization, tool design and cure simulation. After identifying which processes would be beneficial, our team works to develop accurate proposals for optimal material, design, and process usage to meet our partners’ cost goals.


Step 2: Prototype Development

  • Material and blank preparation (cutting and “pick and place”)
  • Automation equipment (robotic manipulation, end-to-end automation)
  • Cure (compression molding, VBO and autoclave)

Through prototyping, we use cutting-edge technologies to validate the durability and dependability of designed processes. After successful assessment, we produce real parts that are ready to submit to quality control and performance testing procedures. The prototype development phase helps our partners envision ownership and quality objectives through our support. 


Step 3: Commercial Application readiness

  • Part Finishing 
  • Part Validation 

The final steps of the processes that pique our partners’ interests include using advanced CNC robotics to prepare prototypes for commercial application evaluation. The part validation stage monitors quality, accuracy and total cost of ownership (TCO) to ensure our partnerships result in the ideal composite material selection, capabilities and accomplishing our customers’ visions. 



Watch Solvay - Composite Material Application Center, Heanor (UK) on YouTube.