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Testing & Qualifications Centers for Composites & Adhesives Materials in Anaheim , California, and Wrexham and Heanor, United Kingdom

Addressing Challenges with Composite and Adhesive Solutions

Our laboratories in Anaheim, California, Wrexham and Heanor support the development and qualifications of new materials and processes for some of the most challenging application needs in the aerospace industry. With access to a variety of techniques and materials, our experts are prepared to find the ideal adhesive- and composite-based solutions to some of the most pressing aerospace market challenges. 

Alongside our customer’s input, our experts can develop ideal composite and adhesive materials for a wide range of needs. Our laboratories for composites and adhesives are equipped to perform a full range of mechanical testing relevant to composite materials and adhesives. 


Key Innovation Capabilities - Preparation, Testing, Technical Expertise & Support


  • Autoclave curing

Composite materials are made by stacking plies of prepreg (for example, carbon or glass fibers impregnated with thermoset or thermoplastic resin) and curing them to create a final product with the desired mechanical properties. An autoclave is a tool used to “cure’ the stacks by application of a specified level of heat and pressure, thereby creating laminates and part structures.

  • Press Moulding

The basic principle of press molding relies on the application of pressure and heat to the material held between two flat plates. Solvay’s pressing techniques offer unique benefits when it comes to complex shape pressing and high speed stamping at high temperatures, either hot loading or run as a heating/dwell/cooling cycle. Indeed, Double Diaphragm Forming (DDF) in the press allows the manufacture of parts at high speed and resulting in Class A finish on the finished part with automation of the process an option.

  • Infusion

We have the capability to manufacture flat composite panels over a range of 1 to 5 mm from 1K or pre-mixed 2K resin systems and dry fabric preforms. Utilizing vacuum assisted RTM injection equipment, matched hard tooling and heated press platens we can process panels from ambient up to 250C; while accurately controlling resin injection pressure & temperature plus critical panel cure parameters such as heating rate, dwell temperate/time and cooling rate.


Our laboratories have the capacity to provide end-to-end service utilizing a variety of techniques for the preparation and cure of laminates, including autoclave curing, press molding and infusion. To achieve a successful preparation stage, our scientists ensure that materials undergo rigorous specimen preparation and testing. They then report the results to partners to troubleshoot and identify ideal materials of choice. 


ISO & NADCAP-Certified testing

With state-of-the-art test equipment and data acquisition systems that are ISO and NADCAP certified, we can ensure prototypes and materials meet stringent industry standards. Our testing processes are well-trusted by customers because of our scientists’ meticulous screening processes.

Technical Expertise and Support

In order to provide industry-leading technical support to our customers, our team also includes a number of highly skilled engineers located across the globe. Our engineers are ready to support new qualifications for growth and requalifications to encourage growth for our partners.