Phosphine Ligands for Homogeneous Catalysis

Homogeneous catalysis plays an integral role in the specialty and fine chemical manufacturing industries. The technique is commonly used in the manufacture of petrochemicals, flavors and fragrances, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Phosphine ligands are essential to homogeneous catalysis due to their compatibility with metals in multiple oxidation states and the solubility of their metal complexes in organic solvents. Solvay has the building blocks and experience to provide commercial volumes of the right phosphine ligand for specific industrial processes.

Ligand selection is critical in terms of rate, selectivity and efficiency of the catalytic reaction. Solvay offers a range of ligands used in many catalytic processes, such as chiral hydrogenation, hydroformylation, olefin metathesis and coupling chemistry.


Featured Products

In coupling chemistry, trialkyphosphines are utilized to activate C-H and C-F bonds. Solvay’s product offerings include: 

  • CYTOP® - monodentate trialkylphosphine ligands with applications in hydroformylation, olefin metathesis and coupling chemistry
  • RHODAPHOS® - chiral and achiral bidentate ligands with applications in hydrogenation, carbonylation and oligomerization 


Building Blocks for Phosphine Ligands

Solvay also produces primary and secondary alkylphosphines. These building blocks can be modified by reacting the P-H bonds, resulting in phosphine ligands with properties tailored to a particular catalytic transformation. This also extends to the preparation of mixed ligands, such as those containing nitrogen as well as phosphorus. Solvay works with partners to take commercially available building blocks and develop industrial manufacturing processes involving customized phosphine ligands optimized for customers' requirements. 

Featured products

  • CYTOP® - primary and secondary alkylphosphines with a variety of steric and electronic properties


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