Maximize Operational Impact Through

Catalyst Ligand Selection

An eGuide for Petrochemical Applications

With the petrochemical industry in transformation mode, growing financial pressure, tightening regulations and emerging sustainability requirements present unique challenges and opportunities for petrochemical operations

This eGuide touches on critical industry drivers and explores ways to maximize the potential of homogeneous catalytic reactions. These reactions are powered by phosphorus-based ligands and catalysts that pave the way for petrochemical operations to improve yield, cost and sustainability along their value chain as they develop cutting-edge petrochemical products. 

What’s Inside

  • Evolving Dynamics of the Petrochemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry Challenges
  • The Role of Phosphine Ligands In Optimizing Petrochemical Reactions
  • Innovative Petrochemical Catalytic Reactions
  • Solvay’s Versatile Portfolio of Phosphine Ligands and Catalysts
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Learn why the diversity, tunability, and flexibility afforded by phosphine ligands for homogeneous catalysis render them a viable alternative to conventional chemistries and enable advantages that come with conversion from heterogeneous processes. While Solvay offers a wide range of existing ligands and catalysts tailored to petrochemical applications, we also partner with customers to develop new molecules that drive the industry forward.