Manufacturing composite parts involves use of a variety of consumable products to achieve maximum cohesion of the base materials. Layers of materials and resins are built up in layers to achieve the desired shape. Critical to part manufacture are the appropriate combination of materials for either open mold or closed mold applications.

Solvay offers consumable products in individual quantities or as tailor-made kits. Our kitting service encompasses the pre-cutting of consumables from simple predetermined shapes and dimensions through the compilation of complex multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies. This service allows manufacturers to focus on their core tasks and avoid time spent preparing their consumables. Our world-class service, coupled with our product expertise, assures our customers get what they need. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio, including:

Vacuum bagging films 

Solvay offers a comprehensive range of in-house manufactured products, as well as a research and development capability which can be focused on unique customer solutions, whether that's product features such as humidity resistance or tailored formatting to reduce labor costs.

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Breather fabrics 

A unique offering of non-woven breather fabrics ranging from 85g/m2 lightweight material to specially formulated low cost, high performance products. Breather fabric can be supplied in standard roll formats, slit widths, cut shapes or 3D stitched formats tailored to meet your requirements. Various weights are available.

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Release films 

Solvay's release film products are specially formulated to suit a variety of individual composite process applications. Our in-house perforation capability allows us to tightly control a variety of perforations including traditional pin-prick, hot needle and punched, in a comprehensive range of patterns. Release film can also be slit to width, cut to shape and welded into complex 3D shapes.

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Peel plies 

Solvay's peel ply products are available in multiple materials and formats to offer flexibility in options and to match application requirements. Light to heavyweight woven fabrics are available in both nylon and polyester, and some are also available with adhesive backing in order to simplify the consumable application process. Peel ply is available in standard formats, slit widths and cut to shape formats.

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Release fabrics 

Systems vary in resin and cure temperature requirements. To satisfy specific application requirements, Solvay offers light to heavyweight woven fabrics in nylon, glass and polyester, with silicone, fluorocarbon and PTFE coatings. Release fabric is available in standard formats, slit widths and cut to shape.

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Sealant tapes 

Solvay offers a comprehensive range of sealant tapes that have been tried and tested in many different and challenging manufacturing environments. Our tapes have been specially formulated to suit a range of cure temperatures, from ambient cures to high temperature thermoplastic cures of 400°C to meet your requirements. Various weights are available.

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Adhesive tapes 

Solvay's specially formulated high temperature, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are designed for a range of applications such as the removal of resin flash, localized release and positioning of consumable material. Our tapes are available in polyester, nylon, PTFE and polyimide.

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Valves and hoses 

A range of fittings and hoses are available to meet all workshop, oven and autoclave vacuum requirements. Vacuum hoses are constructed on site with different color options, materials, use temperatures and termination connectors. Vacuum breach units, plug and socket couplings, gauges manifolds and other ancillaries are also available.

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Miscellaneous materials

Pre-configured Process Material Kits

Solvay creates tailor-made process material consumable kit sets that dramatically reduce the total cost of manufacture for our customers (Kitted consumables have been shown to reduce both the labor cost and the total time for production by more than 50%). Our capability ranges from simply following the customer's exact specifications to managing the entire process, including mapping the tool geometry to manufacture and supply a customized consumable kit set.

Purchasing your consumable materials in kit form decreases material waste by an average of 40%, therefore lowering costs. Operator motion is reduced due to assembly-line stock and storage, and the margin for error is also reduced as the vacuum bagging process becomes de-skilled with kits. Other benefits include increased productivity, standardized working conditions leading to better quality laminates, and health and safety benefits from reduced materials handling. 

Solvay process materials offers three levels of kit:

  • Basic kits – material slit to defined widths, most suited to simple, high volume, or large shapes.
  • Intermediate kits – packs of cut shapes grouped together and stored by product group.
  • Full kits – 3D shaped combination products and all the parts for a particular composite structure.

Welded & Reusable Vacuum Bags

All market sectors are striving to reduce costs, and are focusing on manufacturing processes, production time and material usage to achieve this. Solvay's Welded Vacuum Bags (WVBs) and Reusable Vacuum Bags (RVBs) simplify the production of complex shapes, and deliver benefits that speed up the manufacturing process. They are the result of our long-standing, hands-on relationships with global OEMs in numerous industrial markets.

Reasons for choosing WVBs and RVBs:

  • Manufacturing efficiencies: Increase productivity, reduce waste and lower manufacturing costs
  • Environmentally friendly: Proven history of effective use of up to 100 cycles
  • Conformable: Designed and manufactured to conform to predefined part profiles
  • Adaptable and cost-effective: Changes to part profile can be readily accommodated by modifying the bag, eliminating the need to design and manufacture a new bag