There are 3 major systems in all electric vehicles whether they be battery electric vehicles (BEVs), EVs or Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). These 3 major systems are: battery systems, power electronic systems and traction motor systems. 

Solvay Specialty Polymer solutions are very relevant to their efficient functioning and bring a significant contribution to increasing battery power density, increasing the traction motor’s power output, torque and speed and also helping the power electronics to increase their efficiency.

Download our presentation about specialty polymers for advanced insulation solutions where you will learn about:

  1. Solvay's unique and holistic approach to controlling energy dispersion in electric traction motors: proven product reliability, one-stop-shop, global network of relationships with OEMs, dedicated technical capabilities

  2. Trends and the need to control energy dispersion in electric traction motors

  3. Solvay’s solutions for controlling energy dispersion in electric traction motors: traction motor insulation solutions, solutions for motor electronic components, Solvay products for in-wheel motor




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