Strong, Rigid and Ultra-Smooth

Vehicle weight reduction in the automotive industry is the everyday challenge, but not at the expense of toughness and aesthetics. Specialty Polymers provides exceptional strength and rigidity along with an ultra-smooth, resin-rich finish.

Lightweighting Roadmap

The significance of lightweighting is growing and the automotive industry is developing new assembly materials and challenging its engineering teams to come up with innovative approaches to vehicle construction. The necessity of a lightweight strategy roadmap has significantly increased the willingness to assess lightweighting materials such as glass reinforced composites, carbon fibers and specialty polymers.



Excellent Surface Finish

Aesthetics are just as important as lightweighting in many interior and exterior applications. That’s why Ixef® PARA is used for semi-structural applications like door handles, mirror housings and license plate holders. Ixef® PARA compounds contain high levels of glass fiber reinforcement to provide excellent strength and rigidity. Yet even with high glass loadings, molded parts have a flawless surface finish that’s perfect for painting, metallization or producing a naturally reflective shell.