Lithium-Ion batteries are the future of energy production and storage, however, the requirements on safety and energy density are continually increasing; especially in relation to battery usage in electric vehicles. Solvay is dedicated to providing material solutions for batteries that allow our customers to produce energy storage systems that are safe, reliable and long lasting.

Download our presentation about specialty polymers for advanced battery and fuel cell solutions where you will learn about:

  1. What’s inside Lithium-Ion cells: solutions for cathode binders, separator coating and cell gaskets

  2. Advantages of replacing metal in battery packs and modules with Specialty Polymers

  3. The safest dielectric fluid for battery cooling systems: Galden® PFPE

  4. Fuel cell technology: our comprehensive product offering



Download the presentation today:


Batteries Applications

Specialty polymers solutions for the batteries industry


Automotive Applications

Specialty polymers solutions for the automotive industry