Bringing Leading-Edge Performance to XS and XXXL Batteries


When used as binders and separators, specialty polymers increase energy density and cycle life of Li-ion batteries whether they are small-sized batteries in portable devices or large-sized batteries needed for Energy Storage Systems (ESS).


Safety and Performance for Stationary Batteries

The R&D expertise of Solvay Specialty Polymers in fluorinated chemistry and polymerization technology is continuously focused on the development of new tailored solutions to fulfill increasing requirements for safety and performance in the growing lithium batteries market.



Solef® PVDF: Binders Fast Track Battery Performance

Solef® PVDF is a polymer with excellent thermo-mechanical and chemical properties making it ideal for challenging Li-Ion cell applications. Solvay uses both emulsion and suspension polymerization technologies, thereby producing a broad PVDF portfolio for cathode, anode and separator applications in Li-Ion batteries.