Specialty Polymers for Heating Systems

With over 20 years specializing in corrosion-resistant, high-performance polymers for metal replacement, Solvay provides OEMs with the highest quality materials that maintain durability in a wide range of temperatures, even the extreme heat of district heating systems. Our comprehensive selection of fatigue and creep-resistant specialty polymers has advanced the heating industry by providing a wide range of service temperatures, high-pressure tolerance and long-lasting product performance in heating applications. 

Solvay offers the broadest portfolio of high-performance, amorphous and semi-crystalline plastics designed to improve water handling systems. Our engineers have formulated our specialty polymers to offer a reliable and cost-effective alternative to metal with superior resistance to steam, corrosion, pressure and changes in temperature.

Typical operating temperatures



Solvay’s specialty polymers are designed to maintain high performance over 50 years of continual exposure to the extreme environments found in heating systems. 

The long-lasting resistance properties of Solvay's line of specialty polymers enhance the quality and performance of materials for heating applications such as manifolds, heat meters, boiler tanks and components, pumps, pipes and balancing valves.

Engineered for District Heating Systems

Solvay’s specialty polymers are uniquely designed with impressive strength and resistance for implementation in severe district heating environments. Our polymers are formulated to withstand extreme heat and high pressure while maintaining mechanical properties and thermal insulation. Additionally, Solvay’s specialty polymers for heating systems exhibit superior durability and strength to promote environmentally friendly and extremely efficient processing capabilities in longer-lasting district heating systems. Solvay’s Solef® PVDF is exceptionally well-suited for district heating systems due to its superior resistance to heat up to 150°C and pressure up to 15,000 psi. 

Unmatched Durability

Heating system components are exposed to drastic changes in temperature and pressure and must resist corrosion, warpage and expansion to maintain optimal performance. Solvay’s specialty polymers exhibit excellent long-term dimensional stability and ductility to ensure the longevity and reliability of polymer-based heating systems. Our selection of specialty polymers provides high resistance to chemicals and oxidizers from water treatment processes to maintain strength and stiffness in essential components for longer-lasting heating applications.

Specialty Polymers Outperform Metal

Solvay’s specialty polymers offer a cost-effective and higher-performing alternative to metal components in water heating systems. Our extensive portfolio of high-quality plastics are designed to outperform metal components by offering impressive corrosion resistance, superior thermal insulation, and eliminating the risk of contamination by heavy metals. Additionally, our durable high-quality plastics are more efficient and can be installed at lower costs than metal-based systems.

Performance of Unreinforced Resins



Superior to Other Plastics

Solvay supplies the heating industry with the world’s broadest portfolio of high-performing specialty polymers to provide advanced solutions in a wide variety of applications. Our researchers have formulated our specialty polymers to ensure high performance despite exposure to a range of temperatures and chemicals. Solvay’s specialty polymers maintain resistance to corrosion, thermal conduction and moisture absorption better than other plastics to promote longer lasting and more durable water heating systems.