Specialty Polymers Certified for Contact with Drinking Water

Independent organizations around the world, such as NSF, WRc and KTW, write standards and certify products that come into contact with drinking water. They carefully evaluate plastics under expected end-use conditions to ensure that no substances can be extracted that might cause health concerns. Some agencies conducts additional tests to evaluate a material’s effect on taste and odor as well as its tendency to support microbiological growth.

Solvay voluntarily certifies its plastics on a global basis to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) expedite the approval process required for components used in cold and hot potable water systems.


Polymer Color NSF61* W270 
Amodel® PPA
DW-1130 BK938 Black  
DW-1140 BK938 Black  
DW-1150 BK938 Black  
A-1145 NT DW Natural          
DW-1022 BK001 Black  
DW-1022 NT000 Natural  
Omnix® HPPA
DW-4050 BK001 Black  
DW-4050 NT000 Natural  
Solef® PVDF
1008/0001 Natural    
1010/0001 Natural  
1010/0901 Black    
6008/0001 Natural          
6010/0001 Natural          
6012/0000 Natural          
42308/0001E Natural      
Udel® PSU
GF-110 NT Natural      
GF-120 BK937  Black  
GF-120 NT Natural  
GF-130 BK937 Black        
P-1700 BK937 Black    
P-1700 GY8057 Gray    
P-1700 NT11 Transparent    
P-1700 WH7407 White  
P-1710 NT15 Natural          
P-3500 NT11 Transparent        
P-3500 NT LCD Transparent  
Veradel® PESU
AG-320 NT Natural          
AG-330 NT Natural      
3330 GF Natural  
3320 GF Natural          
A-101 NT Natural          
A-201 NT            
A-301 NT            
Acudel® modified PPSU
22000 BK937 Black        
22000 NT15 Natural        
Radel® PPSU
R-5000 NT Transparent
R-5100 BK937 Black
R-5100 BU1197 Blue
R-5100 GY1037 Gray
R-5100 NT15 Natural
R-5500 NT Transparent
Ryton® PPS
R-4 Natural          
R-4-02-XT Black          
R-4-242-NA Natural
R-4-242-BL Black
R-4-244-NA Natural
R-4-244-BL Black
XE-5030-BL Black          
Ketaspire® PEEK
KT-820 NT          
KT-820 GF30 BG20            


* For some grades, certification WRAS is restricted to cold water only. For some grades, certification NSF 61 is restricted to a maximum surface area to volume ratio. Please contact Solvay’s technical representative for more details. Additional products and colors certified for drinking water contact are available.