Today’s OEMs require sophisticated materials that offer high-resistance and guaranteed stability to produce long-lasting and high-quality plumbing systems. Solvay offers a broad portfolio of 7 high-grade, durable polymer-based materials that are ideal in the construction of advanced piping components for a wide spectrum of plumbing systems. Our specialty polymers are leaders in chemical and thermal resistance and dimensional and hydrolytic stability to provide the plumbing market with the highest-performing polymers at lower costs and increased efficiency than competing market materials. 


Radel® PPSU

Radel® PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) is a leader in its class and is capable of extremely long-lasting and durable resin composition. Radel® PPSU’s long cycle life assurance paired with its high heat resistance and hydrolytic stability make it suitable for hot water fittings in multilayer piping systems that operate under high pressure (up to 10 bar) and temperatures of up to 95 °C. OEMs need this extremely versatile and cost-competitive thermoplastic to manufacture higher quality insert moldings, welded and molded end caps, manifolds, boiler tanks, solar thermal tanks, faucet cartridges, and various valves.


Udel® PSU

Udel® PSU (polysulfone) adapts to the full spectrum of temperatures found in modern plumbing systems that require continuous exposure to chlorinated water. The mechanical properties of this high-performing specialty polymer replace brass in metal insert moldings, welded and molded end caps, manifolds, boiler tanks, solar thermal tanks, faucet cartridges, and various valves inside the most complex pipe systems. 


Acudel® Modified PPSU 

Acudel® Modified PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) is formulated to bridge the cost-performance gap between PPSU and polysulfone (PSU) specialty polymers. This advanced polymer is excellent for pipe systems that rely on sustainable, drinking-water approved, non-metal contaminated use. An ideal choice for various valves, fittings, faucets, cartridges, and manifolds, Acudel® Modified PPSU offers more reliable and stable materials than competing traditional metal-based components.


Solef® PVDF

A leader in fluorinated semi-crystalline thermoplastics, Solef® PVDF offers excellent long-term hydrostatic strength (LTHS) properties that accommodate high-pressure, high-temperature environments found in multilayer piping systems. OEMs seek out this specialty polymer for critical systems that depend on high purity, such as membranes for water filtration. Additionally, Solef® PVDF can be utilized for fittings, sliding sleeves, manifolds, pipes, lining and coatings needed in today’s plumbing systems. 


Ryton® PPS

Ryton® PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) ensures outstanding dimensional stability, especially for complex parts that require extremely tight tolerances in molding capabilities. In addition, as a durable thermoplastic, Ryton® PPS maintains mechanical and structural properties in harsh chemical environments and long-term temperatures of up to 200 (392°F). These advanced characteristics are ideal for use in injections into thin-walled parts in water meters, heat meters, pumps, manifolds, boiler components, various valves, faucet cartridges, solar thermal tanks and threaded fittings.


Amodel® PPA

Amodel® PPA (polyphthalamide) offers long-lasting temperature and humidity resistance that is crucial for a wide range of rigorous plumbing environments. OEMs use this high-performing polymer when constructing systems with intermittent exposure to hot chlorinated water and components such as manifolds, pumps, water meters, balancing valves, faucet cartridges and threaded fittings.


Omnix® HPPA

Omnix® HPPA is a family of chemically resistant polyamides that bridge the cost-performance gap between lower performing PA66 and higher performing polyphthalamide, such as Amodel® PPA. Demonstrating high strength and stiffness retention, excellent dimensional stability and lower warpage than their metal competitors, Omnix® HPPA is well-suited for plumbing components, such as various valves, manifolds, water meters, boiler tanks and components, and faucet cartridges.

Today’s advanced plumbing systems depend on the complex designs and enhanced durability of Solvay’s specialty polymers to offer solutions with more stability and resistance than traditional metal-based plumbing pipe systems. Our thermoplastics elevate the plumbing industry’s capacity for greater corrosion resistance, streamlined Drinking Water Approval and the assurance of no heavy metal contamination to effectively reduce the cost of production and increase the overall performance.