OKSOL Solar Thermal System

The OKSOL solar thermal system by Orkli is the only all-in-one, forced, autonomous, 100% renewable and zero-emissions solar thermal system on the market. Radel® PPSU was selected for the integrated water tank because of its advanced properties.

Radel® PPSU: long-term performance in hot potable water

Outstanding heat resistance up to 90°C/194°F

Radel® PPSU resins are generally unaffected by prolonged exposure to hot water at temperatures as high as 90°C (194°F).

Exceptional hydrolytic stability

The hydrolytic stability attributes together with dimensional stability, low moisture uptake and ease of fabricability make Radel® PPSU particularly suited to replace many metals in functional plumbing parts and components of hot water systems. 

Discover why Radel® PPSU is the ideal solution to match the demands of the high-performance technology of OKSOL by downloading the OKSOL plus Radel® PPSU case study.


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