Better Performance for Longer Lasting Water Meters


Today, metal water meters are increasingly being replaced by plastic. The advantages include more accurate measurement, corrosion resistance, no scale deposit, no contamination and ease of assembly.  In meeting the safety regulations, durability and competitive cost demands of the market, Solvay offers lead-free, high performing polymers that are also internationally-approved for drinking water (NSF61, KTW, WRAS, ACS).

Outstanding Properties that Outperform Metal 

The typical properties of our materials extend the durability of water meters, and when compared to metal and low performance plastics, our high-performance materials enable better results in terms of corrosion prevention, chemical resistance, weight reduction and lower cost.

Our portfolio of Specialty Polymers for water meters includes some of our best performing polymers that are ideal for producing the most important parts for water meters like: body, cap, pressure plate.


Ryton® PPS

Ideal for hot water applications (T>75°C) and prolonged exposure to chlorinated water. It offers exceptional thermal stability, chemical resistance. And excellent hydrolysis resistance.




Omnix® HPPA 

Ideal for cold water application (23<T<40°C), no chlorinated water. It offers good dimensional stability and exceptional surface appearance.





Amodel® PPA

Ideal for cold and hot water applications (40<T<75°C). It offers high oxidative stability (against e.g. free chlorine), superior resistance to creep and fatigue, and high thermal resistance.