Specialty Polymers for Sports

Sport, by its very nature, is competitive. In such a challenging context, having the highest performance sports equipment is primary. Rapidly changing, technical performance and innovative technologies are the key characteristics of this dynamic industry.

The technical properties of these high-performance polymers can help you design winning solutions for the performance sports market:

  • High mechanical strength and supreme aesthetic properties
  • Resistance to impact and environmental exposure
  • Materials that are lightweight and easy to process
  • Varied formulations, like films, membranes, foams, elastomers and rigid parts


Specialty Polymers Triumph over Metals

Solvay's portfolio of Specialty Polymers includes a wide range of polymers characterized by superior: 





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Our Products

Our portfolio of specialty polymers is characterized by superior mechanical performance, fatigue and wear resistance, high-quality surface finish and are designed to replace metal to improve performance.

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