High-Temperature BPA-Free Transparent Polymers for Food Contact Applications in the Consumer Industry

Solvay’s amorphous HPP polymers are the best choice for demanding applications requiring high temperatures plus high levels of mechanical stress and are also certified food-safe for general public consumption.

In a marketplace that has never been more competitive on Cost, Performance and Regulatory Compliance, they bring great added-value in terms of transparency and clarity facilitating the design of complicated parts.

In this webinar, our experts touch the key themes that influence polymer selection for different applications: Thermal requirements • Mechanical properties • Cost • Food contact suitability (with special focus on BPA-free requirements cropping up globally)

Check out the four real case studies where high-performance polymers including CPET, PC, PEI and Sulfones have enabled successful product design across different applications in the Consumer food industry. 



Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about Solvay's high-temperature BPA-free transparent polymers