As smartphones continue to evolve every day, OEMs must implement new designs and technologies to keep pace with today’s innovations. Additionally, the consumer demand and expectations for smartphones place tremendous pressure on cell phone manufacturing, as OEMs must continue to improve performance and design aesthetics and with increasingly difficult financial margins. 

High-performance polymers enable significant design flexibility in smartphone manufacturing, as they deliver enhanced mechanical properties, excellent aesthetics and ease of processing in a wide range of essential applications. Solvay’s specialty materials for smartphones, such as semi-crystalline polymers, ultrapolymers and sulfone resins, play an integral role in facilitating the required design freedom in making mobile phones. The unique intrinsic properties of Sovlay’s specialty polymers place OEMs in the best position to readily adapt to the rapidly changing mobile electronics market and supply endless smartphone innovations. 


Enhanced Mechanical Properties

Modern smartphone designs require lightweight components with significant structural integrity to withstand the mechanical demands of their respective applications. Consumers continue to expect more with less, challenging OEMs to deliver smaller devices with better performance capabilities. Solvay’s proficient specialty polymers for the structural and cosmetic frames of smartphones display a unique blend of mechanical strength, cost efficiency, and design flexibility. Specifically, Kalix® HPPA is a high performance polyamide with extremely high impact strength and stiffness that provides smartphone frames plastic-metal hybrid structures and thin-walled components with tremendous dimensional stability and superior flow. Additionally, both Ixef® PARA and AvaSpire® PAEK offer excellent mechanical properties for cellular cosmetic frames and smartphone antenna splits, serving as outstanding metal replacements in next-generation smart devices


Excellent Aesthetics and Performance

Today’s smartphones utilize cutting-edge materials that are thinner, lighter, and aesthetically gratifying for consumers. These innovative components must deliver outstanding haptics and aesthetics without sacrificing capabilities, if not improve performance and durability altogether. Solvay’s materials for smart devices offer an extensive selection of exceptional polymers to facilitate this unique combination of properties. Ixef® PARA provides OEMs with an optimal conflation of surface aesthetics and performance, as it is also available in carbon-fiber reinforced grades, ideal for cosmetic frames and cutting-edge components such as hinges for foldable electronic devices. 


Improved Efficiency and Ease of Processing 

OEMs require cell phone parts that facilitate ease of processing and improved efficiency during the complex process of smartphone manufacturing. While plastics continue to entirely replace metals wherever possible, plastic-metal hybrid components provide a unique range of benefits for modern smartphones. Solvay’s specialty polymers provide OEMs with materials that offer extensive compatibility with the different methods and procedures of combining metal and plastic for these specialized applications. Specifically, AvaSpire® PAEK is compatible with NMT, PVD, overmolding and anodization, which offers OEMs unrivaled design flexibility in the processing of plastic-metal hybrid structures. Additionally, Kalix® HPPA displays low warpage, reduced shrinkage and low to no flash during processing, which significantly increases efficiency during production of plastic-metal hybrid structures and structural frames of smartphones.