Electronic devices must be completely sealed to avoid permeation by moisture and potential damage to the electrical response of the silicon chip. To guarantee the hermeticity of devices, a leak test procedure is defined by MIL STD 883, MIL STD 750 and MIL STD 202.

Galden® PFPE fluids, extremely inert and residue free, are ideal and widely used as detector and indicator fluids in leak test procedures.

Galden® PFPE DET are detector fluids specifically designed for high reliability measures. Thanks to its perfect balance between low and high boilers components, can readily detect large and small leaks. High boilers enter through large leaks and remain liquid until the test is performed while low boilers can easily penetrate into small leaks.

Galden® PFPE D02 and D03 are low consumption indicator fluids which can be advantageously used as indicator fluids respectively in military and non-military applications thanks to their higher boiling point and lower vapor pressure at test temperature.


Galden® PFPE Fluids for Gross Leak Test Conforming to MIL STD

Fluid Type Type I 
Type II 
Type III 
Test Condition C1, C3 C1 E
Galden® Fluids DET D02 DET