Fluoropolymers meet stringent standards for chemical and temperature resistance demanded for wafer processing equipment, cleaning tools and wet benches. Halar® ECTFE is widely used as a structural material as well as in coatings for clean room exhaust duct systems. Solef® PVDF, extruded or molded, is found in fittings, valves and various components as well as in processing equipment.  Hyflon® PFA fully fluorinated polymers deliver exceptional corrosion resistance and purity for components and coatings.

Galden® PFPE fluids are widely used as heat transfer media in IC manufacturing tools such as dry etchers, ion implanters, lithography steppers, and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Fomblin® PFPE lubricants are ideal for use as vacuum pump oils in wafer manufacturing processing such as dry etching and CVD.

Critical sealing made from Tecnoflon® FKM and FFKM ensure process reliability and long service life.