Peroxides for Disinfectants

In response to COVID-19, the demand for all kinds of disinfectants is at an all-time high. Versatile and environmentally friendly disinfectant ingredients include high purity and sterile grade hydrogen peroxides and peracetic acid, both offered by Solvay, the world leader in Peroxides solutions.

Solvay’s peroxides disinfectants are available for confined environment decontamination, work space sterilization and are key components for producing alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Peroxides Disinfectants

Solvay's medical-grade resins, polymers, films and AM filaments are available for PPE and medical equipment:

Ventilator Components   Face Shields   N95, FFP2, FFP3, and Surgical Masks   CAPR & PAPR Solutions   3D Printing Filaments   Fluids for Oxygen Delivery Systems