A Cost-Effective Alternative for Corrosion Prevention

Specialty Polymers used to line carbon steel piping are an effective and economic alternative to using Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA), and can reduce the use of chemical injection and maintenance costs.


IFL™ (In Field Liner) Technology: Faster and More Economical than New Lay

The IFL™ (In-Field Liner) technology consists of 3 layers of reinforced pipe developed to rehabilitate and protect subsea flowlines and risers from internal corrosion. The IFL™ installation process is very fast, saving time in design, planning and installation compared to new lay carbon steel pipelines.



IFL™ Withstands the Most Aggressive Hydrocarbon Exposure Conditions

IFL™ made from Solef® PVDF is easily inserted into steel pipes due to the material’s high ductility and elasticity. Once inserted, the PVDF liner’s high chemical resistance helps slow corrosion, while its low-stick, ultra-smooth surface supports more consistent flow rates and flow assurance over time. 

  • Extended lifetime of existing pipelines with a minimum of 30 years

  • Protection of environment due to dual containment

  • Single pull-in lengths of up to 5KM

  • Accommodating multiple 5D 90° bends

  • Chemical resistance to hot sour crude oil and sour gas

  • High temperature resistance up to 110 °C in hydrocarbon exposure conditions

  • Extremely high resistance to permeation